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The Model Turbo-prop Engine for Home Construction

The Model Turbo-prop Engine for Home Construction

English | PDF | 88 Pages | 50 Mb

It is just ten years since the first model jet turbine engines were produced. In the intervening period development has been extremely rapid, due primarily to the intensive work of a small number of committed amateurs. The result is that the main attractions at many of today's model flying events are the turbine-powered model jets, often present in a wide range of aircraft types. Special meetings and competitions for jet models are now held, and at such events the turbine-powered model has already assumed the dominant position.
The literature on this subject amounts to just a handful of books — unless you include publications not aimed at the normal model flyer - and for this reason it seems a good idea to present my findings to date on the development of shaft turbines designed to power models.
If our existing turbines are already so outstandingly good, we need a good reason to build new variants on the type. This is the reason: of all the full-size industrial turbine engines currently being made, the majority are used to drive shafts. The shafts in turn power helicopters, propellers, fans, electrical generators, vehicle axles and other machinery. Until now only a very small number of shaft turbines have been built to model scale, and that is why I wanted to write this book, presenting my own design of shaft turbines, developed and tested by myself, in the hope that as many modellers as possible will take up the challenge and build their own versions.
At this point I ought to warn you of a particular hazard: if you continue reading this book, you are very likely to become infected with the dreaded "turbine fever" virus. The author declines all liability for the outcome!

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