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12 Thrifty Trash to Treasure Crafts

12 Thrifty Trash to Treasure Crafts

English | PDF | 25 pages | 3 Mb

Plastic bottles, old magazines, paper grocery bags and tattered sweaters all have something in common - they're trash. But that's not all, they also make great materials for crafting! From yogurt containers to oatmeal boxes, there's plenty of trash waiting to be turned into works of art. Even plastic bread tags can be used to make a stylish-looking necklace with the help of a little paint.

Using recycled materials or trash in your projects is also a fun way to save money. Turning trash into treasure isn't hard either, especially when you have a collection of free projects and instructions to use as your guide. If you hate throwing anything away, or just have a creative itch that needs to be scratched, you'll love this collection of thrifty trash to treasure crafts. Learn how to transform any piece of trash into a beloved treasure with this free eBook featuring 12 trash to treasure crafts.

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