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Stitch Alchemy: Combining Fabric and Paper for Mixed-Media Art

Stitch Alchemy: Combining Fabric and Paper for Mixed-Media Art

English | 128 Pages | PDF | 74.40 MB

Mixing the versatility of paper with the dimensional qualities of cloth, this inventive handbook to crafting with “paper-cloth” provides mixed-media artists with the knowledge to easily transform their works into collaged quilts using embellishment techniques, such as painting, stitching, needlefelting, and beading. Though the technique is inexpensive and requires less space, equipment, and skill than dyeing fabrics for quilt making, readers will learn step-by-step how the use of paper-cloth—from making the paper-cloth itself; adding color and interest to the foundation with inks, stains, paints, and glazes; texturizing; implementing printmaking techniques; and more—can allow layers of complexity and textural appeal. Common projects include art quilts, art dolls, jewelry, and artist books. Perfect for artists interested in altered art, found and recycled art, needle felting, and nontraditional elements, this original resource is the first to cross the paper and cloth mediums.

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